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Unlocks Nginx for Faster Shared Hosting!


The ultimate solution allows you to enhance your web server's performance by automatically switching from Apache to the more powerful and shared hosting-ready Nginx. It preserves all of your server settings and comes with CloudLinux OS out of the box.


Streamlined Transition

Enables easy switch from Apache to Nginx on cPanel hosting servers.

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Empower Compatibility

Enable customer .htaccess files support and maintain Apache web server's unique features.

Watch the Demo of how Apache2Nginx
conversion works on a server.

Why switch to Nginx


  • Process more requests using less server resources.

  • Speeds up TTFB for website loading.

  • Boost web server performance (our tests show a 2x boost on average in the request rate metric).

  • Improved security with a lower attack surface.

  • Hot reload configurations and software updates.

Learn more about Performance boost available with Apache2Nginx in our Benchmark research.
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Register to test on your CloudLinux OS Server


Mind the system requirements:

  • cPanel.

  • Apache.

  • Any CloudLinux OS license.
  • CloudLinux OS version 8 and newer. (Still on version 7? Use the Elevate to upgrade without migration).  
  • PHP-FPM is enabled for websites seeking to optimize performance.